Friday, 29 May 2015

It's Oakapple Day!

Yes folks, May 29th is Oakapple Day. Until mid Victorian times it was a national holliday and celebrates the restoration of the monarchy. It is so called because King Charles 11 is alleged to have hidden up an Oak tree in Boscobel wood after the Battle of Worcester in 1651. It is still celebrated in parts of Worcestershire, traditionally by wearing a sprig of Oak leaves.
It is also the anniversary of our boat 'Oakapple' winning the best boat award at the Crick Show in 2010.
We have just spent a couple of days in Stourport before turning in the basin this morning and heading back up the Staffs, & Worc. Canal. It was there that our boat was first put in the water after being built near Worcester. The boat has many connections with the area so it is great to have been there on this day.
Unfortunately the weather has not been so auspicious. The rain started as soon as I went to set the lock and as the Captain turned the boat in the basin it just got heavier. This continued all the way through Kidderminster, turning to torrential showers with some hail mixed in. By 1.30 we had had enough and were pleased to find a quiet mooring in the countryside just before we reached Kinver.
All that's left is to have a hot shower, ( better than the cold rainy ones this morning), and celebrate Oakapple Day in an apropriate manner!

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