Saturday, 16 May 2015

Off to Nantwich

Moving on from Middlewich,  we made the turn onto the link to the Shropie, canal. It was a bright day, although a bit windy, eventually mooring at a lovely spot with picnic tables and BBQ,s.
That night we heard owls hooting in the trees all around, a splendid place to moor.
We expected to fill up the diesel tank at Venetian Marina, however, the hose was not long enough to reach the filler on the offside, so, we reluctantly moved on hoping to get some at Nantwich. An inspection of the map at the entrance to the basin showed a diesel pump at the far end, but, after reaching the end we found that the pump was actually on the canal outside, meaning that we had to reverse all the way out of the basin again to get onto the dock.. Purely by chance we spotted a  company that makes covers. As our cratch cover needed some atention we arranged to have it done on Saturday morning.
A chance to catch up on some maintenance jobs, the captain painted the back cabin stove and cleaned the brass fire accessories. While the cover was being repaired we set to and sorted out the cratch, cleaning the deck under the matting and generally tidying up.
Cratch covers & canopies did a fine job and the cover was soon back in place, good as new.
While in Nantwich we caught up with Rob & Susie from NB Swamp Frog who we found moored oposite the diesel dock, and also Rolly & Bev who we spent the winter with in Stone.
There is a fine church in Nantwich, dating back to the 14th Century with some excellent carved choir stalls and a superb stone vaulted roof. We spotted an old building with a stone mounting block outside. The steps are incredibly worn. It makes you wonder how many people have got on and off horses there to create that wonderful sculptured effect.

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