Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Dash to Braunston

Since my last post it has been three long days cruising to reach Braunston by Monday evening.
We left the mooring south of Fradley around 7.00 am and cruised through the rain to reach the bottom of Atherstone locks just as the sun appeared.
6.45 on Sunday and we were on our way up the flight, getting to the top just as the volunteers came on duty!. After a stop for coffee and a trip to Aldi, we set off again, through Nuneaton, and moored at Bedworth, for a well earned Sunday lunch on board.
 The last lap was through Hawksbury and on as far as bridge 88 by early evening. We would have made it earlier but for delays by bridge works at Easenhall. This work was scheduled for winter two years ago, cancelled at the last minute, and now being done at the busiest time on the canal.
The pace has now slowed somewhat as we have spent the last few days with friends who are on the marina camping field in their motorhome.
We have had a weekend of celebrations, saturday being our wedding anniversary, (45yrs) and Sunday being the Captains birthday, (not allowed to say!)
On our way to 'The Boathouse' for lunch we saw a fine foden steam lorry turn into the carpark. A Reminder of a distant age.
Another similar reminder is the historic boat show in Braunston next week. We have spent the last few days in the marina taking advantage of the 240v and water tap to hand, however we have to move out on Tuesday to make way for the large number of ex working boats expected for the show.
We plan to moor out at bridge 88 and walk in to see the sights.
This will be the subject of my next blog, with hopefully some good pics. It is always a superb event.

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  1. I bought Richard a nice bottle of red wine for his birthday..... but as he's not here I drank it for him.

    45 years? You must of got married at 10 !

    Happy cruising