Sunday, 5 July 2015

After the show

as the mooring suspension finished after the Braunston show we decided to move back into the village. Of course, this involved turning round, which took us nearly all the way to Hillmorton before the first turning point. Four hours later we were back onto a mooring near the old stophouse.
Some of the old working boats had gone but a lot were still taking up visitor space.
Walking along the towpath we recognised a 'Hudson' boat, William, which we had spent time with over the winter. An hour later Rob knocked on our boat and we caught up with each others travels over a beer.
Over the next two or three days the sun shone and it seemed like summer had arrived. We had a walk through the fields to the little church of St Peter, which was part of the medieval village of wolfhampcote which has long  since disappeared. We also spent a lot of time sitting out on the towpath, chasing the shade up and down as the sun moved around.
At the opening ceremony for the show, there was a plaque unveiled in commemoration of Sonia Rolt who died last year. She had been one of the wartime boatwomen and the wife of Tom Rolt, one of the leaders of the movement to save the canal system at a time when it could all have been lost. The plaque eluded us for some days, however, we eventually found it hiding behind a pair of back cabin doors on a workshop wall. A nice touch, and very fitting.
Friday saw my birthday come around again, ( not saying ), so it was off to the 'Boathouse' to celebrate which we did in fine style, returning to Oakapple in a very mellow mood.
We have spent the last couple of days making our way towards Hillmorton where we were booked into the dry dock. Unfortunately they seem to have a boat in there being lengthened which cannot come out yet so, as we have plans for next week, the work will have to wait.

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