Wednesday, 22 July 2015

In Search of Lady Godiva

yes, we have been to Coventry. After our incident reported in the last Blog we have now started to head north again. Resisting the temptations of 'The Greyhound' at Hawksbury we motored on past Marston Junction and found a quiet countyside mooring just south of Nuneaton to cook our Sunday lunch.
On Monday we moved on to Hartshill visitor moorings. The old BW yard is a gem of canal architecture, with its dock, workshops and clock tower. Just a shame that the grass and weeds have been allowed to take over some of the paved areas, particularly since an excessive amount of attention is being payed to mowing and strimming the towpaths these days.
With the sun shining we took a walk around some of the Quarrymans walk, a footpath which takes in some of the remains of the quarries around Hartshill. The path took us up past some very deep workings and by a traditional farmyard with some old barns and stables around a yard with chickens strutting around.
Yesterday we took the bus into Coventry. First call, after coffee in 'Spoons', was a visit to the canal basin, much more of a boating atmosphere there now with the hire fleet in residence. Next we made our way to the transport museum. It is the finest collection of old vehicles to be seen for free anywhere. A must for anyone visiting the city. The Captain is always interested in the collection of motorcycles, and I spotted a gold Hillman Avenger, identical to the first 'family' sized car we owned in the 1970s.
Leaving the cars behind we went to see the remains of the old Cathedral, destroyed by wartime bombing. We would have liked to also visit the replacement, but with a list of prices displayed, we have an issue with charging people to visit a place of worship.
Making our way back up the hill we found the statue of the naked lady Godiva mounted on her horse in the shopping precinct, (Perhaps the first recorded incident of streaking?), before returning to 'The  Flying Standard for lunch. This Spoons is named after the badge of the Standard motor company which was based in Coventry.
After two steaks and a bottle of wine (£15.99. bargain!), we caught the bus back to Hartshill to put our feet up and watch the sun going down over the canal.

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