Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Richard 111, Leicester or York?

Our daughter, Emma, arrived at midday on Monday, as usual bringing the rain with her. Still, by 3.00 ish. it had mostly stopped so we made a dash from Brinklow Marina and headed as far as Ansty before the drizzle started again.
After some heavy rain in the night we set off through Hawkesbury and made the turn onto the Ashby canal. The rain was patchy and we stayed mostly dry until we reached Hinkley and found a good mooring at the wharf. Not the quietest of moorings but this was our set out point for todays outing.
As Emma is a bit of a history buff, we planned to visit Leicester on the bus to see the new tomb for King Richard111 in the Cathederal.
We were impressed with the style and dignity of the whole thing, a fitting resting place for someone who was, after all, a King of England.
Yes, I know the debate still rages over whether he should have been interred in York, however since he was the Duke of Gloucester, perhaps they had an equal claim to his remains? Whatever your opinion on the matter, he at least deserved a proper burial somewhere.
By the time we left the Cathederal the sun was shining and we made our way to one of the three 'Spoons' in the City for lunch. Obviously the one we chose had to be 'The Last Plantagenet', a fitting end to our day out.
After a hot ride back to Hinkley on the bus we found the new solar panels had fully charged the batteries ready for us to watch the hi-lights of the Tour de France.

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