Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Back to the River

Yes, we are back on the River Weaver. Next month we are booked to go into Liverpool docks. That leaves us four weeks to get there which is hardly a demanding cruising regime. With the canals being so busy in the school holidays, what with all the hire boats racing around, we decided to revisit the Weaver where things are a lot more civilised.
We had a very early start on Monday, (due to our batteries being rather depleted), and moved on through Middlewich, arriving at the lion salt works mid afternoon. This old family business used to produce all kinds of salt products and is now opened as a museum, unfortunately not on Mondays.
It was a very warm day on Tuesday, very pleasant for the short hop to Anderton and the boat lift. Arriving there at 10.30 we were booked to go down to the river at 12.10, the next available slot.
We moved onto the holding mooring and awaited instructions. As our allotted time came and went we were eventually told there was a problem. Seems the lift had failed and the trip boat was stranded in the caisson. The general opinion was that it was  something to do with the software. Now when the lift was built the only 'software' involved was the boatmans fleecy jacket. Oh well, I suppose that's  progress!
Eventually we got the thumbs up and we gingerly moved onto the lift. This is the second time this year we have gone down the lift and it was just as awe inspiring as the first. So smooth and quiet, we were on the river in no time, only an hour later than we had expected.
Just a gentle cruise upstream took us to Northwich where we moored at the town quay in time to walk into town for the Tuesday steak club in Wetherspoons.

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