Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hot days and Baking Days

Wednesday was the hottest day for ages. We decided to catch the bus to Chester for the day. Big mistake!
It was hot, the bus took an hour to get there, and it was crowded. I have never been in Chester when it wasn't. Still, it was a day out and it is always good to walk the walls of this fine old city.
On thursday we moved off the town moorings and made our way upstream to Vale Royal, through two of the huge Weaver locks. Before we could leave we had to wait for a tug with a large barge to manoeuvre into position alongside the swing bridge where they have been dredging the channel.
The friendly lockies soon had us through the locks and we moored at vale royal to enjoy the peacefull views.
Rain was forecast for Friday and it duly arrived, all day. Nothing for it, we did some baking. Chilli bread rolls, flapjacks and a tray of ginger muffins. It is a great way to fill a rainy day and we were well pleased with the result.
The sun came back on Saturday, putting 13 amps back into the batteries from the solar panels. Also arriving was NB AmyJo, who we met last year at Tattenhall. They have just arrived on the Weaver via the Manchester Ship Canal, quite an experience. (See their blog to find out more).
We had a good catching up session over a couple of glasses of wine. Today another boat joined us. NB Kanbedun Again with Linda on board. We briefly met Christmas before last at Braunston. We had just arrived to spend the holliday in the village, and she was just leaving her boat to visit relatives. We sat out this evening enjoying a beer and cup cakes made by Chris. until the biting insects drove us inside.

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