Sunday, 2 August 2015

Once in a Blue Moon

we moved on from Deptmore lock on a very cold morning. Another boat with an outside thermometer told us it had gone down to 3 degrees in the night. Brrrr!
By the time we reached Gailey it had warmed up and we decided to stop there for the night. The Captain spotted a news item about there being a 'blue moon'. Apparently it has nothing to do with the colour. It is when there is a second full moon in a calendar month, according to google, although there is some debate about the origin of the name. It was however an exceptionally fine full moon.
Up early on Saturday, we went up the lock and cruised on towards Autherley junction where the Shropshire Union Canal starts. Before reaching the turn we negotiated the narrow rocky cutting with passing places to pull in to when meeting another boat. Fingers crossed the captain 'went for it' while I hopped ashore to take a few pics. Although the canal had been quite busy we met nothing,  and were soon on the 'Shroppie', to moor at a nice open visitor mooring.
Lazy day today, relaxing in the sun. That was until a boat moored up behind us around lunch time. After shouting at passing boats to slow down the crew got out chairs, table and radio. Dinner was produced from inside the boat. The potential diner, like a modern day captain Bligh, waved his knife and fork at 'Mrs Bligh' and complained he wanted new potatoes!  I didn't hear the response, but we saw him throw the offending spuds in the hedge. Mid afternoon the radio went quiet, the ropes were cast off and they chugged away. No sign of 'Mrs Bligh' who was no doubt down below washing up. Peace returned and we sat back to enjoy the rest of the day. Just shows, there is no accounting for human nature. Perhaps he spent too long looking at the Blue Moon?

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