Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Swinging the Bridge

Apart from our brief forray up to the Flash and back we have stayed put at Vale Royal for several days. There is an incredible variety of bird life to be seen from the porthole. A pair of Grebes with young ones, a solitary grey heron which stands patiently watching for a meal to swim by, and some splendid Cormorants which pose with wings outspread drying thier feathers.
This morning we decided it was time to move. After firing up the 'Gardner' the captain phoned the lock keeper at Vale Royal Locks to let him know we were coming while I started unmooring.
10mins. downstream the lock was ready for us. Friendly as ever, the Lockie said he thought we had got lost upstream. Most people only go up to the head of the navigation and return. Seems a shame not to enjoy the peace and quiet of the river. Half an hour further downstream the second lock for the day was also ready for us and we were soon out and heading into Northwich.
As we passed the large maintenance yard there was a tug and barges with signs of life on board. We had just moored up below one of the large town swing bridges when there was the raucous bellow of sirens and the gates started shutting to close off the road. Slowly the huge bridge started to swing open, supprisingly smooth and quiet. Within minutes the tug and barge were through and the bridge silently swung back into is not often these bridges are moved so we were lucky to have seen it.
Although the day started fine and sunny the showers that were forecast arrived just as we got back from shopping for supplies. No alternative then but to put the kettle on and put our feet up.

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