Thursday, 10 September 2015

Liverpool 1, inward journey

Yesterday we made the trip into Salthouse Dock in the heart of Liverpool.
on tuesday we had arrived at bridge 9 to wait for the waterways people to swing it open on Wednesday morning. Much to our suprise they were there and allowed us through, which gave us a chance to get to Litherland and stock up at the Tesco's alongside.
We had been warned about the amount of litter in the canal so were a bit apprehensive when we set off yesterday to meet up at the top of the Stanley flight of locks. Perhaps we were lucky but we got there in plenty of time without stopping to clear the prop.
The same cheerfull gang worked the locks for us, (quite a luxury), and let us down into the dock complex. First through Stanley and Collingwood docks past the vast tobacco warehouse, now derelict, and into Salisbury Dock. At this point we were heading for the old clock tower and the lock down onto the Mersey.  A nifty left turn took us through the remains of more old docks and into the Central Docks Channel which led to Princes dock and another lock.
We passed the three iconic buildings known as the three graces, (the Liver Building, the Cunard Building, and the Port of Liverpool Building), and passed through a tunnel under the museum to arrive at another lock. Through this and we were into Canning Dock. It was a bit of a wiggle round into Albert Dock but we were nearly there. One last bridge and we entered Salthouse Dock where our pier awaited us.
We soon had the shoreline plugged in, set for our week exploring the sights of the big city.

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