Monday, 7 September 2015

Liverpool calling

We are getting closer to Liverpool daily. We spent yesterday moored in Burscough. The Captains Sister joined us for the day. It made a pleasant change to have a visitor. We took a stroll down part of the Rufford branch which leaves the L&L Canal at Burscough and ends on the estuary of the river Ribble. From there it is possible to cross over to join the Lancaster Canal, but not for us. Apart from being to much like the sea for my liking, we are too long for the locks on this stretch. It was however interesting to see some of it and look at the paddle gear on some of the locks. As on the Wigan flight, they are also totally different to what we have seen before.
After a couple of pints in The Ship at the junction we had lunch on board and caught up with all the family news.
It has been a fine, mostly clear day today and we had an excelent cruise as far as bridge 20, yet another of those pesky swing bridges, the fourth today. It is a lovely quiet spot in what is probably the last real countryside before heading into Liverpool. The landscape is very flat with wide open skies. The Captain swears he can smell the sea. A look at the map showed the Irish Sea is only about 8 miles away to the west, and with a northwest wind blowing, he is probably right!

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