Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Liverpool, Here we come

The Blog posts have been a bit sparse recently. That is because we have been hiding down on the River Weaver. Nothing sinister. Just keeping away from the madness on the cut during the school holidays.
We have had a great time on the river with Dot & Gordon from NB Ewn Ha Cul. On monday we had a 'non BBQ'. We cooked the food, home made burgers, and Dot made the buns and salads. The plan was to cook in and eat outside, however, the weather was so unpredictable that we ate inside as well. A sort of Non, Non BBQ!
With us booked to go into Liverpool docks on 9th Sept. it was time to get up the boatlift on Tuesday. Ewn Ha Cul followed us up an hour later. By the time we had watered and used the services they had gone on to find a mooring in the countryside overlooking Dutton lock where we joined them by mid. afternoon.
While Gordon caught up with a few jobs, we accompanied Dot on a stroll down to the river where there are some fruit trees alongside the lock. I managed to get this pic of the Captain scrumping some apples. You can just see him amongst the foliage.

This morning we cruised in company as far as Preston Brook. As we waited for the time to enter the one way, Preston Brook tunnel we said our farewells over coffee. Exiting the tunnel we cruised on, while Gordon stopped at the boatyard. We hope to meet up again after Liverpool, but now we have a schedule to keep, which is why we cruised this afternoon in some torrential downpours until we moored just north of Lymm, glad to get down below and dry off.

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