Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sights & Sounds of Liverpool

we are now on our fourth day in Liverpool docks and we have made the most of our time. Taking in the two Cathedrals, the Anglican first, huge with superb views from the tower, and the Catholic one second. A very different building but stunning in its own way. We visited the crypt underneath, which is the work of Lutyens. If his original design had been finished it would have been the largest Cathedral in the world.
Still underground, we visited the remains of the first dock to be built in Liverpool, which can be seen beneath the John Lewis store. A fascinating piece of history.
In Hope Street, between the two Cathedrals we found the Philharmonic Dining Rooms pub, a little gem, incredibly ornate with wood paneling, mirrors and victorian detail. Even the mens toilet is a work of art which the ladies will sneak in to admire, amazing, but it still smells like a gents lavatory!
Of course, you can't visit Liverpool without going to the Cavern Club where the 60's music revolution began. We have spent two afternoons there, one with solo artists performing on stage, and today, we were treated to the whole Beatles tribute band playing all of the early Beatles numbers.
Another 'must' is a trip on the iconic Mersey Ferry. A round trip, with a break to visit the UBoat which was raised from the seabed off the coast of Norway.
There has been a pirate festival in the docks this weekend. Sea shantys, cannons and dressing up. I don't know why pirates are so popular with the kids. They just Arrrr!

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