Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Old friends and New

Sunday morning dawned blustery and damp but we were commited to make our way into Braunston by lunch time. We had an appointment in 'the Boathouse' for Sunday roast.
Our friends, Della and Gary on board NB Muleless had already made thier way in and had a table booked. Joining us were the crew of NB Inca, along with thier guests. We had not met them before but knew about them through facebook. As with most boaters, after ten minutes it seemed like we had always known them. It was quite a noisy gathering with plenty of the red stuff consumed. A great afternoon.
Returning from the village on Monday morning we spotted another familiar boat at the water point. NB Yarwood, who we have not seen for over a year. We spent the afternoon catching up over a pint in the Plough, a dog friendly pub in the village that welcomed their two beautiful black labs, Floyd and Fletcher.
We have been looking to top up with fuel for a few days now so, getting wind of the fuel boat 'Callisto' passing through Braunston today, we contacted him to arrange for a delivery this morning. After Muleless and Yarwood had been topped up  we took on 80ltrs of diesel and 8 bags of coal. We always try to use the services of the fuel boats when they are around. They are a feature of the canals which add a lot to their character. It's always exciting to see them come alongside, so much easier than trying to get near the diesel pump at most boatyards which are usually obstructed by moored boats.

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