Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Stopped by the Ice

well, we really enjoyed the snow on Sunday. The first we've seen this winter. When we looked out the porthole yesterday morning, there it was, gone! Not a trace. The sheep opposite,  so frisky the day before, were back to their usual selves. Following each other around like, well, sheep.
Time to move on. It was a still day and the trawl through Nuneaton was not unpleasant. As we crept into Hawksbury Junction we found a mooring just near the water tap. It was lucky we filled the water tank then because the temperature plummeted overnight. We were woken by the sound of ice cracking all around as a coal boat moored near the turn made its escape.
After a leisurely breakfast the ice appeared to be thinning, so a decision was made to move off. After making the turn in front of the Greyhound pub it became clear that the ice was much thicker beyond the stop lock. After some debate, and some coffee, a decision was made to try it and see.
We are now moored just past the lock, with the ice getting thicker again in the clear night air. Still, it did give us an excuse to visit the pub this afternoon and try a pint or two of  'Northern Light', from the Orkney brewery. Mmmmm! As we were enjoying our second pint, the staff appeared with the largest log i've ever seen destined for the open fire in the bar. It took two of them to get it on there. They were predicting it would burn for at least two days. I hope the ice doesn't force us to find out if they are right.

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