Saturday, 23 January 2016

Thawing At last.

The ice that has held us fast all this week at Hawksbury Junction finally started to release its grip on Thursday. Not quite enough to let us go though. Nothing for it but to spend another afternoon in 'The Greyhound' and treat ourselves to a ploughmans. Being an old canal workers pub, maybe they should have called it a 'boatmans lunch'.
During our enforced stay I have started a project. I have been knitting squares to make a blanket for our boatmans cabin. Those who know me might be suprised to hear this but, yes, I can actually knit.
Friday dawned warmer but, predictably, raining. Still, we were eager to be on the move so off we went. The rain petered out during the morning and it turned into quite a good day. There was still a fair bit of ice around but not enough to cause a problem. Three hours later we moored up at all oaks wood near Brinklow. With the back cabin stove lit, we stayed in the boatmans cabin to quaff a couple of glasses of wine and keep up the 'happy Friday' tradition started by our friends in Aston marina.
Early start this morning. We wanted to get to Braunston today and it was a superb day, clear and bright. Suprisingly there was still some ice in places but you couldn't ask for a better days winter cruising. We passed our friends on NB Muleless at hillmorton locks around lunch time. The plan is to meet for sunday lunch in 'The Boathouse' in Braunston tomorrow. I just hope there is a mooring space for us when we get there!

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