Monday, 11 January 2016

The Great Escape?

Yes! We have escaped from Aston Marina to spend the rest of the winter cruising. It is so easy to get seduced by the company of our boating friends and the convenience of plugging into the mains power, but, with work starting on the locks at Tamworth next week, it is now or wait till March.
We have spent the weekend getting Oakapple back into cruising mode, (you would be surprised how the, place for everything, regime slips when in a marina), and this morning we slipped away from our pier and headed south. With only Gordon from 'Ewn Ha Cul' to wave us off it was a quiet parting but good to be on the move again. Since the Captain has been recovering from a hernia Op in November we have not been as active as we should be so it will be good to start working the locks and lose a few of those Xmas. Lbs! (That's the theory).
It was a very quiet run down to Great Haywood, passing only a couple of boats on the way, but it stayed dry and at one point the sun almost made an appearance. Still, true to form, I can hear the rain pattering on the roof as I write this. Someone told me it was forecast to snow on Wednesday. I won' t hold my breath.

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