Sunday, 17 January 2016

Winter is Coming!

yes, in the words of Ned Stark (Game of Thrones) winter is coming. After escaping from Stone we have had a good couple of days cruising. From Great Haywood we moved on as far as Rugeley, where we stocked the freezer in the canalside Tesco's and visited the local 'Spoons' for steak club. The days have been getting noticeably colder as we moved to Streethay (Wednesday) and Fazeley on Thursday. On Friday morning the ice appeared, making the operation of Glascote locks a little slippery. It has been our goal to get through Glascote before Monday, when they are closed for maintenance work.
Yesterday morning we set off to tackle the eleven Atherstone locks. The sky was clear and the frost thick on the ground. We were breaking ice all the way to the top, but it was a great run up and good to be out on the move. With snow forecast, we carried on to a mooring  near Springwood Haven near Nuneaton to see if the weather men had got it right.
Eagerly looking out this morning we found the landscape transformed to a white wonderland. The canal was once again frozen and the sheep in the field opposite were gambolling in the snow like spring lambs.
Like kids, we tramped up and down the towpath enjoying the wonder of it all, before settling down back on board Oakapple in front of the stove for coffee and, later, a proper Sunday roast.


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