Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Busy week in Braunston.

It's been non stop this week. In between socialising with the crews of 'Inca', ' Muleless' and 'Yarwood', we found time to bus into Rugby to collect some train tickets for a trip back to Stafford where we had left our car.
We always enjoy a train ride and the journey back to Stone on Friday gave us an oportunity to see the gang from Aston Marina and to meet up at the Royal Exchange pub for the traditional happy friday gathering. Saying our farewells, we set off for the 70 mile drive back to Braunston. Not a pleasant drive down the M6 in the rain but we got back safely on board by 11.00 pm. A long day!
Sunday saw us back in 'the Boathouse' for another Sunday roast. It's such a good deal, (two roasts and puddings for 15 quid), it is difficult to resist! Of course there were a few bottles of wine went down the same way.
Now, the Captain had promised the boys he'd get the 'Jamesons' out so we all gathered up on board Oakapple yesterday evening, our last chance before we started going our separate ways this morning. It turned out to be a long session, after midnight before turning out into the dark. That's the advantage of being host. Bed is only a few steps down the boat.

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