Sunday, 14 February 2016

One of our favourites.

We are slowly making our way up the Ashby Canal. It is one of our favourite canals, especially in the winter, when there are few boats about. With Oakapple being quite a deep boat and this canal being shallow, it is much easier if you are not passing other boats all the time, especially inexperienced hire boats.
After a few days in the south to catch up with family we left Brinklow on Tuesday. The winter has been mostly kind so far, and this has continued for the couple of days we spent at Hawksbury. After spending a day in Coventry we returned to find our friends on NB Yarwood moored nearby. Regular readers may recall that this boat, like Oakapple, was built by Barnowl narrowboats and is another example of the quality of their work.
After a get together in the Greyhound, Yarwood set off, also heading for the Ashby Canal. We were keen for them to leave first because there is a boat sunk in the middle of the canal near bridge 4 and us being deeper, we wanted a report back about the situation. By lunch time we got the thumbs up, and we followed in their wake.
Through the stop lock and making the very tricky U turn under the bridge opposite the Greyhound, we were soon on our way past charity dock and onto the Ashby at Marston junction.
It is sad to see a boat sitting on the bottom, even a derelict like this was, however, with care we crept past it and carried on, passing Yarwood moored near Hinkley and finally stopped ourselves near the Lime Kilns pub ( no we didn't go in ) .
It was a lovely cruise from Hawksbury, calm, sun shining and the back cabin stove supplying constant hot drinks from the kettle simmering on top. Who wouldn't want to be out here in the winter?

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