Monday, 25 April 2016

Thumbs up for Milton Keynes.

Leaving Cosgrove in company with NB Muleless we are now heading for the summit  level at Tring.
First stop was Milton Keynes. In the past we have always gone straight through but, as it was the weekend we decided to stop. It took us several visits to the town before we got used to the layout, but, on reflection, we gave it the thumbs up. Our moorings at Campbel Park were busy with walkers and joggers on Sunday and the walk round the lakes to visit the peace pagoda showed us what a unique environment the residents have. The number of families out enjoying the sunshine showed how much they appreciate it.
On monday we made the short hop to Bletchley in order to visit Bletchley Park, the home of the WW2 code breakers. It is a fascinating place to visit, a real challenge to get ones head round the details of the coding, (and codebreaking) process. You almost need a second visit. Good job the entry ticket lasts a year. We had got talking to a couple who moor their boat at the end of the garden opposite. When I said we were visiting the Park we were kindly offered a lift the mile and a half, which saved us the walk there. It was a generous gesture and shows that the kindness of strangers has not yet completely disappeared.
Thursday saw us moving another short hop as far as 'The Globe' near Leighton Buzzard, which includes the three locks at Soulbury. They need to be operated with care to avoid flooding the pub alongside, however there was a helpfull lock keeper in charge to make sure. The Globe is a very old pub beside the canal and quite close to the scene of 'the great train robbery'.
We were not destined to go in however since the decision was made to walk into town for a curry at the local Wetherspoons.

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