Sunday, 1 May 2016

Alien landing at Startops End? The Captain speaks.

We left Aylesbury basin on Friday and moved up three locks into the countryside ready for the bigger slog up the remaining 13 locks yesterday. The sun shone, although the wind was still keen at times. Still, by three o clock we were moored up at the romantically named Startops End.
Now the Captain has his own theory about how it got its name. Here it is in his own words.

Hi readers. The Captain speaks.    My first mate has generously allowed me to contribute this to the blog. Well, what she actually said was, "if you want that in you can write it yourself", Some people just don't share my sense of wonder at at the mysteries of the cosmos.
At Startops End there are several large reservoirs which supply water to the canal. My theory goes like this:
A few thousand years ago a fleet of intersteller starships landed here, creating the depressions in the landscape which have now become the lakes, giving rise to the name, Startops End, as a kind of race memory effect. Obviously, being the highest land around it was the perfect place for the fleet to land. Now I know some of you will dismiss the theory as mere fancy but, hey, you never know!
Now back to the first mate.

Well, having got that out of the way, we will be making our way south towards Berkhampstead next week. The fuel boat Hyperion camy by this morning so we topped up the tanks. The captain wanted to stay moored at Startops  in case the aliens returned so he could be abducted, but luckily Canal & River Trust won't let us stay that long. Honestly, I sometimes wonder what planet he is on!


  1. Intergalactic aliens exist and obviously the captain is one. Remember he burnt out the genny trying to put Oakapple into 'Warp Drive'... check that he doesn't have more than the one eyelid.

    1. We have just enjoyed Sunday lunch with our friends on NB Muleless ,,now i think the captain ought to have a lie down ,don't worry i will checking the eyelids