Saturday, 21 May 2016

Big City, Bright lights.

Since our arrival in Paddington basin we have set about exploring the big City.
There were two things on my wish list. As a lifelong Rolling Stones fan, a visit to the Stones exhibition at the Saatchi gallery was a must. we bought the tickets in advance online. On our arrival the link they sent me was scanned from my phone. Wow! Is this the future or what?
The whole thing was stunning. Guitars, costumes, and a host of other memorabilia. Our walk there took us down Sloan St. It was a suprise to see that the shops all had bouncers in the doorways. I suppose they are there to keep rif raf like us out. None of them had any customers in but I expect they don't need many with the prices they charge!
The other must was a trip to the theatre to see Sunny Afternoon, based on the story of the Kinks. The story was put together by Ray Davies himself so it had the ring of authenticity, as well as all the wonderful music.
Today we caught the bus as far as St Pauls and walked across the millenium bridge to the south bank. Wending our way through the old alleys we found ourselves at St Thomas St. Where the old operating theatre museum is hidden away in the roof of the church. It is a vivid demonstation of how far medical science has developed since Georgian times. The operating theatre lay hidden for 100 years until its discovery in 1956. It is complete with the galleries where students would crowd in to watch the operations taking place, all without anaesthetic. You can see why they are called theatres.
To recover from our chilling visit we had a pint in one of the many traditional London pubs before making our way over Tower bridge and catching the bus back to Paddington.

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