Friday, 27 May 2016

London Town.

it's an amazing thing, you can take your boat into central London and spend a week only minutes away from Marble Arch. The second half of our week there was just as hectic as the first.
There was an open air concert in Trafalgar square by the London Philharmonic. Frustrating if you are serious about the music, what with people pushing in front and chattering, (does anyone in London speak English?), but great for the atmosphere.
A visit to St Pauls was on our list. What a magnificent building. It was worth the hundreds of steps up to the galleries. The views over the city were superb.
From there we walked along the south bank to tower bridge. The exhibition takes you up the towers and over the walkways high above the Thames. These walkways have been fitted with glass floors, so you can stand and look down to the cars and boats underneath. Some people were a bit squeamish about it but we loved the experience. You then visit the boiler and engine rooms which originally powered the bridge. It was well worth the entry fee. Quite modest for London.
Our last visit of the week was to HMS Belfast, the last surviving cruiser from WW11 . For anyone interested in ships and the Royal Navy it is an eye opener to see how the crew lived and worked in a warship of the time. You can wander at leisure over the whole ship, from the bridge right down into the engine rooms.
Sadly our time there has come to an end and, along with NB Inca. We slipped out of Paddington basin on Wednesday morning, heading for the river Thames at Brentford.

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