Saturday, 14 May 2016

Old haunts and armed police!

After the Queen graced us with her visit we started making our way towards Watford and moored at Lady Capels bridge near Cassiobury park. The Captain grew up in this area so he is always keen to explore the changes that have taken place since he was a nipper.
After a day or two there we moved on down to Rickmansworth in company with NB Muleless and NB Inca. There is an odd collection of boats moored here. Aparently it has always been that way, even back in the 1960s.
Again, the town and canal here is part of the captains childhood and we took the oportunity to walk to the estate where he lived. The route took us along the Ebury way, a cycle route into Watford along an old  railway line. Turning off down a footpath, we passed the very picturesque Hamper Mill and entered the back of the estate. The Captain was keen to point out where his childhood friends had lived and the places they had built dens as kids.
As we stood looking at the house he grew up in we became aware of a helicopter hovering overhead. There also seemed to be a lot of police activity around. When we saw armed officers getting out of cars in seemed sensible not to linger so we moved on and left them to it. It seems that someone with a machette had been seen near one of the local schools. The Captain says it was never like that when he lived there. My parents always warned me to stay away from the council kids but he turned out OK. Bit late now anyway, after nearly fifty years!

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