Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Queen Visits.

Since leaving Startops End we have made our way down to Berkhampsted. I say down, because all the locks are downhill right the way to the Thames at Brentford.
As we arrived at Berkhampsted in company with N B Muleless there were large crowds out to greet us, all waving flags and cheering. Coincidentally, the Queen was also visiting the town so she also was able to bask in the glory of our arrival.
We all strolled up to the high street for breakfast at the local Wetherspoons. Around 11.00am I went outside with Della to catch a glimpse of Queenie. The captains went off to the Gents to wave their own flags and got back just as Her Majesty dissapeared round the corner. Hey Ho, such is life.
After some shopping for supplies we moved on, looking for a good mooring with space for a BBQ. Finding a good wide towpath at Hemel Hempstead we moored up and were soon joined by NB Inca.
The sun shone, the BBQ smoked, and we had a great weekend of, well, lazing in the sunshine. Has summer really arrived at last?

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