Friday, 10 June 2016

A Different kind of Boating!

On leaving Hampton Court behind we made our way upstream through Sunbury to the public moorings at Dockets Eddy Lane. A lovely spot with grass to sit out on and road access alongside. This was important because I had been in contact with my cousin who lives in Sunbury and we arranged to meet up. We had a great evening and between us we coerced them to take us out on their boat the following afternoon. This is a very different kind of craft. On three levels' with twin engines that can produce speeds up to 30 knots. As we gingerly inched our way out of Sheperton marina the power was obvious and we sat on the flying bridge feeling very superior looking down on the river. Vastly different to the view from the deck of a narrowboat. After a fine lunch and another circuit of the island created by the Desborough cut we returned to the marina with a new perspective of the river. Although we were very impressed with the boat, it can, and has been across the channel, which is not something I would be comfortable with.
On Wednesday morning we were up bright and early to continue our journey up river. It was a fine warm day again but as we aproached Old Windsor the black clouds gathered and just as we spotted a mooring the heavens opened and in the time it took to get the ropes ashore we were soaked to the skin. Still, that is all part of the boating life and a hot shower soon puts all to right.

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