Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Royal Conection

We have spent a couple of days in Windsor. It is a magic town, overlooked by the famous castle, which is of course one of the residences of the Queen.
After seeing her Majesty in Berkhampsted, and seeing her horseguards turn out in London when we were there, you might think she was stalking us, however, as it was her birthday, she was in St. Pauls.
We did visit the Castle and do the tour of the state rooms, as well as visiting St. Georges chapel, (more like a cathedral than a chapel), where many of the past royals are interred. We saw the stone under which HenryVIII and Jane Seymour are buried. There is a gallery which was built for Catherine of Aragon to watch the services taking place while she was still in favour with Henry.
We were moored on the park with a fine view of the castle down the river and a nice area to put our chairs out in the sunshine which obliged us with its presence most of the time we were there.
From Windsor we continued our passage up river as far as Cookham which was once reckoned to be the third richest village in the country and has been home to some famous people including Chris Rea .They did charge us £3 each to moor there breasted up alongside NB Inca, not the most expensive mooring we have found on the Thames to date!

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