Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Royal Palace

The river was still high when we left Godalming. It was a tricky manoeuvre to back down the river with the increased flow and turn the boats but it was accomplished with only the loss of one mooring pin, (NB Inca).
The headroom under the bridge at Guildford was also a concern but we both got through with only a bit of a scrape to Incas cratch board. After that it was plain sailing all the way down to Thames lock and back out onto the big river. Turning downstream we moored outside Hampton Court Palace for the weekend. The sun shone, with temperatures in the high twenties and we all sat out and enjoyed the life on the river. Rowers, an endless stream of cruisers and trip boats as well as the wildlife. It is suprising to see the number of parrots living wild around London and the Thames.
On Saturday we visited the Palace. A fascinating piece of history,  Tudor and Georgian. The Captains favourite part was the Tudor kitchens, where they made quantities of pies, as well as roasting meat on spits in front of a huge log fire. The fire was six feet high and incredibly hot. My personal favourite was Henry VIII's private apartments, where you can just picture the intrigues which were part of the Tudor court. On Sunday we just chilled, enjoying the bustle and atmosphere of the river. Also on the moorings were Carol and George on the wide beam, Still Rockin' and Ann and Kev on NB Rock n roll. Thanks guys for a wonderfull evening on your spacious rear deck.
Monday morning early saw us heading back upstream towards Sunbury where we had the oportunity to try a very different kind of boating!  Which will feature in our next blog.

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