Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Beyond Henley.

We have reached the little town of Wallingford on our travels upstream after a brief stop again at Henley to pick up mail. The whole town is now in full regatta mode. As one group of ladies flashed past us I caught the captain laughing his head off. The man in the trainers boat had shouted through his megaphone, "more power, get those chests out!". Don't know what the captain was thinking but well, perhaps I can imagine!
We left behind the corporate circus being prepared for those who will be there, not to see but to be seen, and made our way as far as Reading where there is a huge Tescos with mooring outside. We strolled into town just to have a look, but it is not a very inspiring place. Its main interest for narrowboats is the entrance to the Kenet and Avon canal which passes through the town. After filling up our diesel tank we moved on to a mooring at Beale Park for the weekend. The sun made a good attempt to shine and it was good to relax away from the crowds.
The showers continued as we cruised up a very lovely stretch of the Thames to Wallingford to a good mooring right by the medievel many arched bridge. There is the remains of a Norman castle here which was destroyed after the civil war. It was the last stronghold to capitulate to the parliamentary forces. Very little remains except a few walls and of course the earthworks, however it is a poignant reminder of our turbulent past.

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  1. Did you use the Poste Restante service at Henley Post Office for your mail? We’ve found quite a few post offices this year that no longer offer the service, so if Henley does allow it, it would be useful to know. Happy cruising.