Friday, 15 July 2016

To the end of the navigation.

We made our way to Lechlade. The actual end of the navigation is at Inglesham but the last 1/2 mile is too shallow for Oakapple to risk so we made do with walking as far as the roundhouse which marks the point where the Thames and Severn canal used to join the river.
Quite fortuitously, the weekend we arrived was the date of the airshow at nearby Fairford airbase. We had a grandstand view of the aircraft doing thier stuff, with fighter jets howling overhead and the red arrows doing what only the red arrows do. Actually there was another team which were as impressive. We think from the colours of the smoke trails that they were Italian. The whole weekend was perfect, just about worth the trials of the last bit of the river. Extremely bendy, with extravagant loops which tried the captains helmsmanship skills to the limmit.
On tuesday we had a welcome visit from our daughter. One thing which Lechlade boasts is a permanent Christmas shop and Emma is a serious Xmas babe. A visit was a must.
The cows on the field we moored at are renowned for their relationship with the boats. They lick the paintwork, chew the ropes and generaly cause mayhem. They even nicked the mop and lifebelt off the boat in front of us. We were not sorry to leave them behind, taking with us teeth marks in our paintwork as a  souvineer..


  1. We waved at each other as you left and we approached Lechlade - we've seen you mentioned on other blogs. We seem to have got off lightly with the cattle - just a little light licking!
    best wishes

    1. Hi Debbie we didn't realise until you had passed that we recognised your boat from your blog , hope to see you ,maybe have a chat
      Best wishes Sharon